For the competition Sprouting Minds in Isola Pepe Verde in Milan the research on children’s education was done, and the interviews and workshops with kids were organised to understand what they want better.

Drawing “Kindergarten of my dreams”

Drawing “Kindergarten of my dreams”

  • How do you imagine a perfect place to play?

  • I want it all red. All all red. Red room, red toys, everything.

  • And the toilet?

  • Also red.

  • And the …?

  • Everything! I don’t like the kindergarden I go to.

  • Why?

  • It’s boring. And there are teachers.

  • And what’s bad about teachers?

  • We don’t need any.

  • So there should be just children?

  • No, no children either. Only little Roberto.

  • So it will be just two of you in the whole kindergarten?

  • Yeah… And no teachers to tell us things.

  • And what will you do?

  • We will play all day and watch cartoons.

  • What about your favourite music lessons with Adelle? (the music teacher).

  • Adelle may come sometimes. To the room. And there we'll do music.

  • Will there be other rooms?

  • Yes…. (drawing). This is the corridor, long. And then you pass the bathroom, and then the room, and then another room and then another room…

  • What are this rooms for?

  • Mm.. this one is for kids, all red, remember? And this one is for adults.

  • So adults can come, but they‘ll be a separate room?

  • Mmm, And the door. You know, we need to make the door so that people can pass by it, enter. The door is needed, you see.

  • And the windows?

  • The windows also are needed, right.

  • Will the playground be small or big?

  • It will be small at first and then become big, it will grow.

  • Maybe there’ll be also some other colour, except for red? Maybe white or yellow?

  • Blue.

  • What else will be there?

  • Toys. (drawing) This is the bed. The beds will be yellow. And this is grass, tall, very tall. And this is a kitchen. Here you can cook a cheesecake. And this is the way to the toilet. See? (drawing long curves) going to the toilet, It’s called empty toilet, but there’s the lid. You poop there and don’t flush, you know?

  • Like in a village?

  • Mm…

  • And what colour will be the toilet?

  • Violet, and right from the toilet there’ll be a house.

  • A house?

  • It’s such a house, it’s called so, it’s ‘where you can if we want’, have a door. Andfurther there’s a big house, like the one you have. The complete house (Draws a circle) Do you know what it is?

  • What?

  • A playroom. There are toys. A looot of toys.

  • Is it tall?

  • The way I drew it! And that’s Vanya standing on the door. The coolest kindergarten I drew. And this is a platform, you can walk and go down just like that to the grass, all the way down.

  • Is it wooden?

  • Yes. Well no. It is for people. There is a stair, people can go deeper takingmthe stair, that’s why I designed this platform.

  • And will the adults come to the kindergarten?

  • Mm, yes.

  • So kids and adults will be together?

  • Yes, just please don’t invite the teachers (drawing strokes) And this is more grass.

  • And will the adults and the kids play together or separately?

  • Better separately. (Drawing another kindergarten on a new page). This is a roof. It will be long you see. And this is a door. And there’s a writing on it “Kindergarten”. And that’s the toilet. Well the same as before. Ah no, that will be a playroom, and the toilet will be further, in the middle.

  • How many floors will be there?

  • 100. Can you build that? And this is a path, such a thing, well, no, a playroom can be.

  • How many playrooms do you want?

  • Mm, two. One for adults, one for kids. And here’s the platform and the toilet. And kitchen also. I have the best kindergarden. Well, both of them are the coolest. Cooler than yours. Moreover in mine you too enter here, see, it says “kindergarden”. Well, and the stairs.

  • Where does it lead to?

  • To the underground. It’s growing higher and higher and higher.

  • And will you draw there?

  • No, just to do music and play. And eat. And the adults will be playing here. Do their things. Some sport or running. And the children will not run. And the other kindergarten will have 3 levels.

    That’s not too difficult.

Model of the kindergarten (with corridors, passages, underground levels and playrooms)

Model of the kindergarten (with corridors, passages, underground levels and playrooms)